mandag 23. april 2012

So much and nothing at all.

You know that feeling.. When it feels that you have a thousand things to do? But when you try to pin down what is is, you can't remember one.singel.thing to do?

I'm having that feeling right now, but in a somewhat different way. I really have a thousand things to do.
Get a new hose to my biketire, get myself a runningbelt, buy a new bikini for my vacation, get a tan before my vacation etc etc. So much to do, and not enough time. *sigh*

I want a slave. You know. A person I just can give money, a list and send him away on shopping. "Do this, do that". Pretty please?

It has been a while since last. I bet no one is wondering on how things have been. :P
My hair is longer. I have to dye it again. It tickles me on my shoulder now. Strange feeling.

I said "hello" to my stomach muscles today. I have a twopack. Haha. It is progress. My goal was not even a twopack, so I'm genuin happy here.
My next measuring is the 6th of May. We'll see, we'll see. Im exited. Are you? :P

Ok, I can't hold it in anymore. I've tried. But right now, I'm dead tired, exhausted and most of all; I'm sick and tired.

ABB. You are weak. You are a mouse. A frighten mouse. You can't call yourself brave. If you were brave, you wouldn't have wanted or waited for someone else to pull the trigger on you. If you were brave, you would have pulled the god damn trigger yourself. You are nothing. I'm not afraid of you anymore. These last few days, the image you built up. It has fallen... And it burned. Now.. It is ash. I now see you as the insecure little dirtbag you are. The lies, the faces. It has all revealed to us how you feel. And you are afraid. And you know what? I feed on that fear. I do not know exactly WHAT you are afraid of. I just know that you are afraid, and that makes me smile. There is nothing more left of you. We will move on, and forget. In 20 years, we will remember the names of the people that lost their lives, but we will not remember YOUR name. Do you know what that means?

You lost.

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