torsdag 2. januar 2014

A new year

Ok, people, we are now in 2014.
Did the festivities go as planned?

I can tell you guys this much, we had a party here with a lot of people, and it went over all expectations. Hehe.

This Christmas has been a bleak one. Illness and a appetite for food that has almost been nonexistent. After two weeks of illness, my head interpreted food as a string to pain, and pain is bad, so my body wasn't all that overexcited towards food. I haven't baked gingerbread or my famous Christmas sweets. Nothing. Haven't had the energy or the appetite for it.

But I think all that is behind me. I'm still at home with my parents and being pampered is a good way to get my appetite back. Also, it helps a lot to actually get an uplifting experience, like the new years eve party and things that happend there, and in the days afterwards.

On Sunday I, a little regrettably, go home to Oslo. If you asked me if I really wanted to go home, I would have to say no. But don't ask me why, hehe.

Right now, I'm just sitting in the livingroom and watching a TV series called Revolution, and trying to will my body to sleep. I got about two hours of sleep, and then I woke up to the hauling wind outside.

Awww. Fuck. First I paused for the rain squall, stood up, and the coffeepot tumbled over. Then I went outside to check the rain, came inside, was on my way down on the couch, putting my blanket on, and guess what?! I tore down my box of coca cola... Offcourse. All over the floor. And my socks. This sucks. Bah. I have to clean up.... This is me... Signe. I'm a... what is it called? A Donald Duck? Unlucky, and all that, hehe. In Norwegian we call it "ulykkesfugl". Not sure what it is in English or I'm to tired to remember...

Cleaning. That was it. Yeah. Alright.

Catch you on the flip side, brothers.