fredag 30. mars 2012


Morning came way to early this morning. I was up at 4:15. Ugh.
But yey. My last shift this week. Then it's weekend. And this weekend I'm home in Oslo. I hope that the weather Gods will listen to my prayer, and shine the sun over me this weekend. I have so much stuff I want to do, and it's easier to do them in sunlight. :P

Well. I have to get ready for work.
I know that the timesettings on my blog is a bit off. So the time now is 5:32 am. Just so you know.

torsdag 29. mars 2012

Right in the middle.

Im right in the middle. I think.

I'm sitting in my sofa, thinking about my life, life itself, what the plan is to become, and what I have to do. I'm not happy here. Not now, not right now.

After my shift today, I was walking and I looked up. And there was Venus. And I thought; In the grand sceem... Do I matter? Do it matter that I suffer time to time? Do it matter that I'm happy? Is the universe sensing that? My feelings?

I don't want to live on this planet anymore. I wanna take all my stuff, hijack a space shuttle and move to... hm.. Mars is pretty inhabitable at the moment. Well... Not Tellus. That is the demand.

Ah, fuck it. Certain people can go f'themself. I'm out....

Edit: By the way. Check out the song Whiskey Lullaby by Brad Paisley and Alison Krauss. Beautiful song. Really. 


I hate those.

I just realized that I have to buy a new suitcase for my holiday. It just not something you just buy, nowadays. You have to consider the size, the color, how many pockets, later use etc. It bugs me. I have trouble to decide on what kind of chips I want... And now I am supposed to pick a suitcase?? Yeah right!


onsdag 28. mars 2012

Summer is coming.

Yeah. I'm writing this in english. Weird.
But I checked the statistics on my site. And the shocker is that there is someone in the USA that is checking my site. Very much. And since I dont know if they read norwegian, I'm doing it a bit easier for them. And harder for me. I have trouble to express myself in english, cause.. Hello.. It is my second language, and I'm learning something new everyday. But so I thought... Maybe it isn't so dumb? You know, widen my horisonts and all that.

Ok. A short update since last:
Still working. And I have found out that I'm not a bad receptionist. I learn pretty fast, and I am actually serviceminded, so it isn't that hard. The problem, as I see it, is the long hours and how much I can work.
As people know I have Chronical Fatigue Syndrome. I was pretty sick by it, earlier. Now, however, I am getting there, to the place where I am almost sickfree. But that is the problem by this disease. You can get total recovery, or have the sickness lingering. I'm one of those who have it lingering.
And because I haven't worked in years, I do not know how much I'm able to work.. So. That is my next lifegoal.

Else in life, is it not much to say.
Only that I've decided to take up training. I've bought runningshoes, and found some tracks here in Oslo. I've discovered that Oslo is more than concrete. :) I also tested my muscle mass, and it's weakness, and found some trouble areas that I have to work on. The internett is full of exercises to help me, so I made a work out program for my mucles to work on. It's going to be hard, heavy and a lot of fun.

And... One more thing. Hold your horses. ;)
In May, Im going on vacation. To Kreta. Sun, heat and alot of water. Oooooooh yeah! Can't wait! :D

Oh, and.. I know I write about mostly nothing and anything, but if you read this, you or you guys from the USA, write a comment please. I'm kinda curious here. ;)